News Jhapa District Inter Municipality League From Mangsir 7

The name of the competition which will last for more than two weeks will be 'Om Sai Pathibhara Hospital 1st Jhapa League'.

Deepak Pokharel, president of the hospital, informed that he is proud to join the First Jhapa League, which is being organized with the aim of producing young players from Jhapa, the fertile land of football.

Pokharel says that he believes that football will play a role in bringing back the old branch of Bhadrapur. He said that he supported the competition for that.

The Bhadrapur Jhapa Gold Cup, which completed the Bhadrapur Jhapa Gold Cup International Knockout Football Tournament with grandeur in February, is going to play the Jhapa League from this Mangsir 7th.

The Jhapa League to be held at the Mechi Stadium in Bhadrapur will be held for 17 days. President Dipesh Dhakal informed that the tournament will be played in the format of FIFA  laws.

16 teams from 15 municipalities of Jhapa and one team from the organizer will compete in the competition. Secretary General Jeevan Kumar Shrestha informed that 16 teams will be divided into four groups.

The winner and runner-up of each group will enter the eight-team knockout stage. The knockout stage matches will start from the quarter finals. The winner of the competition will get cash 3 lakh, trophy, medal and certificate, while the runner-up will get cash 2 lakh, trophy, medal and certificate.

The player of the match of each game will get Rs 2,000 in cash. The best player of the tournament will get 10,000 rupees in cash, trophy and medal. Similarly, the best goal keeper, best defender, best midfielder, best forward and best coach will receive 5000 rupees in cash, trophy and medal.

It is estimated that 80 lakh rupees will be spent to complete the competition. The work of preparing the stadium, cutting weeds and growing grass for the competition has been completed.

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