News GoalNepal Foundation Announces Support To Mount Everest Sporting Girls Football Team

GoalNepal Foundation is supporting youth football academies and women’s football every month.

The foundation has announced 10 indestructible footballs and 18 tracksuits to U14 girls team of Chatara, Barah Kshetra, Sunsari for the month of March.

“We will support all youth football academies of Nepal with indestructible footballs.

This month (March), we are motivating Mount Everest sporting girls football team from Chatara, Sunsari”, said CEO of Biba Publications and president of the foundation, Mr. Bikram Thapa.

“We want our girls to move forward. We have to motivate them and the clubs who are promoting women’s football. Mount Everest sporting girls football team is very active and we are proud of them”, added Thapa.

“We will go to another place to motivate another academy next month”, Thapa further added.

Check out what we do through GoalNepal Foundation HERE.

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