News Legendary Hari Khadka Appointed Brand Ambassador Of Jhapa FC

Jhapa FC, a prominent team in the Nepal Super League 2023, has officially named Hari Khadka, the record-breaking forward in Nepali football, as their brand ambassador.

Hari Khadka, renowned for his remarkable achievements in Nepali football, holds the distinguished record of scoring 13 goals for the national team.

In a statement, Jhapa FC President Arpan Bikram Khadka expressed his pride in this collaboration, emphasizing Hari Khadka's significant contributions to Nepali football and his special connection with Jhapa District.

In response to the appointment, Hari Khadka, known for his exceptional skills on the field, conveyed his excitement about his new role. He shared his admiration for Jhapa FC's mission to transform Nepali football and expressed his honor in representing the club from his home district. Hari Khadka also expressed his commitment to contributing to the growth of football and supporting Jhapa FC throughout the Nepal Super League.

Sujan Gautam, the General Secretary of Jhapa FC, enthusiastically welcomed Hari Khadka to the team, recognizing the pivotal role he will play in the club's development and the inspiration he will provide to the players. Gautam emphasized that Hari Khadka's extensive experience and passion for the game will undoubtedly motivate the team to excel in the upcoming Nepal Super League.

The appointment of Hari Khadka, a football icon in Nepal, as the brand ambassador of Jhapa FC, represents a significant milestone not only for the NSL but also for Jhapa FC's unwavering commitment to excellence in football. As the Nepal Super League 2023 draws near, the collaboration between Hari Khadka and Jhapa FC is poised to leave a lasting impression on fans in Jhapa and beyond.

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