News Jhapa: MFC Enters Final Of Boca Juniors Cup

In a convincing display of skill, MFC Youth Club has secured their place in the finals of the inaugural Boca Junior Cup Knockout Football Tournament in Jhiljhile, Jhapa.

In the opening semi-final clash that unfolded on Wednesday, MFC demonstrated their championship aspirations, triumphing over Srijanga Yuva Samaj with a commanding four-goal lead.

The tournament organizers have confirmed that the second semi-final encounter, featuring Dudhe FC and KNK Sporting Club, is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 18, adding to the excitement surrounding this competition.

As the anticipation builds, the victors of this esteemed tournament, masterminded by Boca Junior Football Club, situated in Shivasatakshi Municipality-8, Jhiljhile, Jhapa, will be rewarded with a substantial cash prize of 25,000, in addition to the coveted title.

The runner-up will also receive a commendable prize of 15,000. Mark your calendars for the grand finale, set to unfold on October 20th.

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