News Nepal No1 Goalie Kiran Chemjong Going To Japan To Appear In Trial With J3 Team

Nepal number 1 goalie Kiran Chemjong is going to Japan tomorrow to appear in training-cum-trial with J3 team, GoalNepal can confirm.

Former Nepal international Santosh Sahukhala and FC Reale World is helping Chemjong to go to Japan and appear in the trial with Hujieda MYFC.

Fujieda MYFC are a Japanese J3 League football club based in Fujieda, Shizuoka. It is funded by online subscribers and is the first of its kind in Japan. The club spent two seasons in the Japan Football League before having their application accepted in 2013 to participate in the inaugural season of J3 League in 2014.

NPO Reale World is supporting Kiran in Japan under hero project. They want Chemjong to be J-League player. 

“We hope Kiran will do well in the trial. We want him to play in Japan. And we also want other Nepalese players to play in lower division of J-League”, said president Aya Miyosh Kizaki.

According to her, Kiran will join the team next season if he successfully passes the trial.

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