News Dramatic Late Equalizer Sees Jhapa FC Salvage a Point Against Pokhara FC in Nepal Super League Thriller

In a riveting encounter at Dasharath Stadium, Jhapa FC and Pokhara FC treated football enthusiasts to an enthralling spectacle that culminated in a 1-1 draw.

The Nepal Super League clash witnessed late drama, with Jhapa FC's Samandar Ochilov rescuing his team with a last-gasp equalizer in the 90+6th minute.

First Half: Mosses Breaks the Deadlock

The game kicked off with both teams displaying high energy and determination. Pokhara FC drew first blood in the 19th minute when their forward, Mosses, showcased clinical finishing skills. Taking advantage of a defensive lapse, Mosses found the back of the net, giving Pokhara FC a 1-0 lead through header.

Jhapa FC responded with vigor, attempting to break down Pokhara's defense. However, the first half concluded with the visitors maintaining their narrow lead. The Dasharath Stadium was buzzing with anticipation as fans eagerly awaited the second half.

Second Half: Late Drama Unfolds

The second half saw Jhapa FC intensify their efforts to find the equalizer. Pokhara FC, on the other hand, looked to secure their lead with resilient defending and swift counter-attacks. As the clock ticked down, the tension in the stadium reached its peak.

In a dramatic turn of events, Jhapa FC's Samandar Ochilov emerged as the hero for his team. With the game deep into injury time, Ochilov capitalized on a set-piece situation to head the ball past the Pokhara FC goalkeeper, leveling the score at 1-1. The Dasharath Stadium erupted with joy as Jhapa FC salvaged a crucial point with virtually the last touch of the game.

Player of the Match: Suraj Jeu Thakuri

The standout performer of the match was undoubtedly Jhapa FC's Suraj Jeu Thakuri. The midfielder's tireless work rate, precise passing, and strategic play earned him the coveted title of Player of the Match. Thakuri's stellar performance did not go unnoticed, and he was awarded a cash prize of NRS 30,000 for his outstanding contributions on the pitch.

Conclusion: A Nail-Biting Contest

The clash between Jhapa FC and Pokhara FC delivered a nail-biting contest that showcased the unpredictable nature of football. With Mosses providing the early breakthrough for Pokhara and Samandar Ochilov's late heroics ensuring Jhapa FC's comeback, both teams demonstrated resilience and skill. The draw leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next fixtures in the Nepal Super League, as Jhapa FC and Pokhara FC continue their quest for glory in this highly competitive football league.

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